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What Software Is Needed For Email Marketing?

Email marketing software makes it easy to manage your lists and makes it easy to set up and send out your campaigns.

Constant Contact and Mail Chimp are both great for small businesses. These are both easy to use and very inexpensive for small lists.

Using email marketing software makes it easy for people visiting your website to subscribe and easy for recipients to unsubscribe.

Can a business use their existing customers’ list?

Yes. We help clients migrate their database into a email marketing systems all the time.

The initial email will need to be written so that it is clear to the customer why the business is contacting them, and the customer can always unsubscribe.

How hard is it to integrate email marketing with a website?

Most websites today have a simple form where visitors can subscribe to receive offers, promotions and more information.

The challenge is that some website visitors will be hesitant to subscribe especially if they don’t know the business. This is where having a promotion or offer comes in.

By offering a free white paper, tips, or an ebook in exchange for the visitor’s name and email, the business gets a qualified lead and the potential will get something of value, which can lead to further engagement.

Should emails be personalized?

Yes. Personalized campaigns will definitely increase the campaign’s response rate.

If a business has an existing database with the customer’s first name, I would definitely use it to personalize the email message. If the business is creating a new email list using their website, I would encourage them try and capture at least the first name so that emails can be personalized.

How does email marketing fit in with a company’s sales process?

It is is a great tool for creating brand awareness and for qualifying potential customers.

If someone subscribes to a list and has been receiving ongoing emails, especially those that link back to the website, the prospective customer has already been learning about the company’s brand.

Subscribers who requests a white paper or other offer have demonstrated an interest and the company’s sales team can give them a call to start the sales process.

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