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Website Strategy FAQs

What is a good website strategy?

Website strategy means having either specific plans and/or marketing goals for a website and utilizing specific website features or capabilities in order to achieve those goals.

For example, if your website goal is to get your telephone to ring, careful consideration must be made to create highly visible call-to-action graphics to make that happen.

If getting highly qualified leads by email is the goal of the website, care must be taken to make it easy for a visitor to complete a simple form and email the company.

Informational websites need to be well organized and have advanced search features to let visitors easily find the information they need.

We have a fairly comprehensive marketing plan—how can we tell how well it is working?

If you have clearly defined goals, it is really a matter of being able to track and measure the results of your efforts. You could start with making sure you are using Google Analytics. This great resource allows you to set up conversion goals and track visitor activity on your website. You can also use website stats to track spikes in your website traffic which should correspond to marketing activities.

How do we increase traffic?

There are several different answers, depending on your overall marketing goals and where your website comes into play. We can work with you to analyze your website search engine optimization and first make sure your website is as effective as possible. Next, we would need to determine the best way to reach your target audience and then use social media, direct mail, Google Adwords and other tactics to drive traffic to your website.

Our customer service department and our marketing team are at odds with each over. How can we make both happy?

Here is where Design-First can help. We can meet with all the stakeholders and gain an understanding of what everyone wants and then create well defined goals for each. Then we can make specific recommendations for how everyone’s goals can be accomplished with the redesign.

We have to redesign our website every few years. How can be build it once and simply adapt it as needed?

Websites today should be built on a flexible CMS (content management system) platform such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. Once in the CMS, new features can be added as the internet evolves, but it also means the website code has to change sometimes.
For example, tablets and smartphones have made a big impact on how visitors find information, which has meant CMS platforms have changed and this in turn affects design templates and supporting code.

How can reach bloggers so they can help me reach a common audience?

Having a blog website inside your business website would be a good approach. Once you have established the blog, you could be a guest blogger to reach a wider audience.

Do you have additional website strategy questions?

If you have additional questions, please call us at 678-969-0448 now or use the Quick Quote form below to email us.

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