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Website Hosting FAQs

Do you include hosting in your website projects?

Yes. In some cases where a website has special hosting needs we may recommend a hosting partner, but in most website projects our Premium Hosting is perfect.

Our webmaster left the company. Can you help us regain access?

In some cases we can help with regaining access to your website. In other cases, if you are looking to redesign your website, we can simply rebuild your website using our server for hosting then point your domain over to the new website.

If we purchase hosting from you, will you move our current website over to the new server?

Moving a website easily depends on several factors. If your current website is using a database, special form processing, scripts for image galleries and the like, simply moving your website from one server to another server may not be a simple process. If you are interested in hosting for a new website or a website redesign, we can build your new website then repoint your domain.

If we purchase hosting from Design-First, is Interspire software installation free?

Yes. Our Premium Hosting account includes installation of Interspire software applications.

Does your hosting include off-site backups of our website?

Yes. Our Premium Hosting includes daily, weekly or monthly off-site backup and a free restoration service.

Do you host .NET, .ASP or Cold Fusion websites?

No, we do not. Our hosting is Cpanel based and supports HTML, PHP, XHTML, mySQL and can be easily backed up and restored.

Can you install a SSL Certificate on our website if we start selling products online?

Yes, we can assist with getting a site certificate set up.

Do your servers ever go down for maintenance?

We offer 99.9% uptime. Occasionally a server will need a restart or to have software upgraded, but down time is kept to a minimum.

Do you have a question not listed above?

Please call us at 678-969-0448 or email us your question using the Contact Form.

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