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Website Design FAQs

Do you provide hosting?

Yes. Depending upon your needs, we match your requirements with the right hosting plan.

Do I need to provide you a new site map and detailed specifications before we can talk about redesigning?

A brief outline of what pages you wish to keep and what new pages you are adding is enough to get the dialogue started. As part of our initial design meeting, we will work with you to determine all your project requirements and to create detailed specifications.

Can you work on search engine optimization when you redesign our website?

Yes, we specialize in building Search Engine Optimized websites and we use best practices for organic SEO so your website can rise naturally in search rankings.

How can I tell how many people are visiting and which pages are being viewed the most?

We can also assist you with integrating Google Analytics into your website, which is a free tool from Google for understanding how your website is utilized by visitors. We also offer website strategy and periodic review of your website statistics to make sure your website is performing as expected.

Do you make updates? We are a small company with limited resources.

Yes. We provide website maintenance for several clients. Routine updates can be done in a few days, but if you have an emergency and need updates made quickly, we are very responsive to clients’ needs. Depending upon your maintenance needs, we can set up a plan to give as much or as little time as needed.

How much does a website cost?

There are many factors involved in determining costs for any project. One factor is the total number of pages. Another major factor is the number of features such as databases, photography, whether a client provides actual page text or not, whether ecommerce or other features need to be integrated and other factors.

Fewer content pages and limited features are the least expensive to create and maintain.

More complicated websites with ecommerce or databases and administration capability will take more time to develop and test, thereby making them more costly. Once we have a chance to fully understand your needs, we can provide a detailed proposal based on your exact requirements.

Can you update an older website and give it a more contemporary look?

Yes. Your existing content can be combined with a brand new look and feel. In addition, we can help you analyze how your web is currently being used so the redesigned website will be much more functional.

Can we add an email newsletter system?

Yes. This is a very cost-effective marketing tool and a great way to leverage your traffic. Many of our clients are using email newsletters to keep in touch with existing clients in addition to providing information and news to potential customers. Design-First can provide a system that will give you unlimited lists, and unlimited emails per month, as well as a custom email template.

My site has been up for a while, but I am not listed on most search engines. Can you get us listed?

Definitely. We provide a number of search engine services, from listing with search engines to Search Engine Optimization, so your website can be more easily found. Keep in mind that if your website design is preventing your website from being found or being recommended by the search engines, we may need to work on redesigning the website to improve SEO.

How can we sell products online?

We are Bigcommerce partners, and most ecommerce websites can be built using Bigcommerce. Advantages of Bigcommerce include built-in SEO, simple order processing and administration features for making it easy to market your products, marketing apps and more. We will help you every step of the way from initial discussion through store launch and support after you go live.

Can you register a domain name for me?

Yes, we can assist you with registering a domain name. It only takes a few minutes

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Please, if you have a question about Design-First or you have an project question, call us at 678-969-0448 or use the Quick Quote form below.

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