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Online Operator FAQs

How does an online operator system work?

Once the system is installed on your website and set up, visitors can request an “operator” to chat with them by using a pop up window. Once a chat session is started, at the end of the session a transcript of the session can be emailed to the website visitor or forwarded on to your sales department for followup. Different departments can be created with specific operators assigned to various departments depending on their expertise.

Do we have to pay a fee based on the number of operators we have using the system?

No. Our system allows for as many operators as needed.

How much training is needed for chat operators once the Online Operator system is up and running?

Just a few minutes training is needed to get operators used to the system. Many web users have used chat systems before so the concept is not hard. Some internal training is needed to make sure operators are prepared for different questions and so they can get familiar with the operator interface.

Is it possible for an online operator to handle several chats at one time?

Yes. However, trying to handle more a coule of conversations at one time will slow down the response time by the operator and the customer may feel “disconnected.” We advise clients to have several employees available to jump in when the online operator system gets too busy.

Does it take long to get a system installed in our website?

No, just a few days at most. We will need to make the chat windows look similar to your website and have your branding or website color scheme. It typically takes just a couple of days to fully implement an Online Operator system.

Can we use “canned” responses so our operators can respond faster?

Yes. We recommend that only links and answers to common questions be used as canned responses so that the customer feels there is a real person interacting with them during the session.

Do we own the system or are we renting the system?

Most of our clients prefer to have the system installed on their server so they totally own the system and have full control over the system.

Is it possible for supervisors to review chat operator’s sessions to make sure they are doing a good job?

Absolutely. Our system comes with a “Super Administrator” login so it is possible to review all chat sessions.

Can chat sessions be used as leads for my inside sales department?

Yes. All chat sessions can be forwarded on by the online operator to another employee or sent to the actual prospect or customer. Your sales department can review the session to see what the customer is interested in and follow up by email.

Additional questions?

If you have questions about our Online Operator application or other services, please call us at 678-969-0448 now or use our Contact Form to email us.

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