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Social Media FAQs

Do I really need to have a Facebook age for my business?

Yes. Using social media can be a great tactic in your overall marketing strategy. Using happy customers to help you find new potential customers is an online version of customer referrals. Many of your customers spend time every day on Facebook and it can be a great medium to market to potential customers.

Can you help me to set up my Facebook page for my business?

Yes. We can help to create graphics and utilize your logo to create a professional business Facebook page. We can also help you to create content and work with you on online promotions and list-building if you have a blog.

I have a business Facebook page, but it's not creating any leads or traffic to my website. What can I do?

We can work with you to help get traffic to your page and create an overall strategy so you can “stir the pot” on a regular basis to keep interest in the page and traffic going to your website.

How do we get current customers to "like" our Facebook business page?

Ask them—either when you see them or by creating an offer they can’t refuse. Some businesses will offer a giveaway or discount on the next purchase or service for Facebook page likes. Other businesses will advertise in their store or will call their customers and ask them to like their page.

Can you manage our social media for us? We are a very small company.

Yes. Once we talk with you about your overall marketing goals and where social media fits in, we can work out a plan that will help you reach your goals.

Can you help us complete our Facebook page? An employee set it up, but it is not published yet.

Yes. Please contact us and we can talk about what’s needed to complete the project.

Should I post a cute puppy video so it will go viral to boost my Facebook page traffic?

Keep in mind that your business Facebook page needs to be professional and needs to communicate your marketing message. A “cute” video might get you more likes and traffic, but it may not bring you the best customer.

If you have questions, please contact us.

For answers to questions about SEO not listed above, please call us at 678-969-0448 or use the Quick Quote form below to email us.

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