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Search Engine Optimization FAQs

Why did our Google search results drop from the first page of results to about page 20?

There could be several reasons for this. Google is constantly refining and changing their algorithm and this can result in some websites changing positions.

  • Website architecture can play a huge part. How Google ranks your website, actual content and how well your website functions can also play a big part.
  • If Google can’t easily find all your website pages, your ranking is affected.
  • Using paid linking services and/or other SEO “tricks” can cause Google to penalize you if they think you are trying to artificially boost your SEO.

We offer a free SEO Evaluation that can help identify common SEO problems with your website.

Can you help us to achieve number one rankings with the top search engines?

We can help with your SEO, but we can’t promise you absolute positioning because we have no control over the search algorithms of the major search engines, nor can we control what keywords or phrases the public will use to search.
We utilize best practices for SEO, which includes SEO-friendly website architecture, metadata, proactive sitemap.xml notification with Google and more to ensure your website can be found and analyzed by major search engines.

With Google dominating major search engines, do I need to be concerned about Yahoo or Bing?

Yes. You never know what potential clients are using to try and find a company, product or service. We create websites that are search engine optimized for all search engines, but we do recognize that different search engines have different rules for how they rank websites.

Do I need to worry about metatags for better SEO results?

Yes. Best practices for SEO include creating metatags for all pages to help search engines that are relying on metadata in order to rank your website content.

Is it true that I should be using Google Webmaster Tools to improve my SEO?

We set up Google Webmaster Tools accounts for our clients and monitor our clients’ websites using Webmaster Tools. This service helps us to see a website in the same way that Google is seeing your website and Webmaster Tools offers many resources for making sure there are no website page errors or other problems with the website.

How do we get quality inbound and outbound links to and from our website?

We recommend contacting relevant organizations and other websites with great content and resources, then offer to link to them in exchange for links from their website to your website.
Using inbound links is not so much about the number of links, but more about the overall quality of the website you are linking from.

We just launched a new website. How do we submit it to the search engines?

All major search engines have a process where you can notify the search engine about your website. We do not recommend using the $29.95 submission services that claim to submit your website to thousands of search engines, as these sorts of mass submissions generally lead to you receiving spam. Focus on submitting your website URL and sitemaps to Google, Bing, and Yahoo, initially, and then other widely used search engines.

Is it true that a website with fewer than five pages will not work well when searched with Google?

Google wants to provide its users with the best or most accurate search results it can and rewards websites that are of the greatest value to those searching with Google.
Websites with fewer than 10 pages may not give Google enough insight into what your website is really about, and often general information pages about your business are ranked differently than information pages on your website about specific keyword topics, products and how-to information pages.

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