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Printing FAQs

Can you handle the printing for us if we provide you the pre-press files?

Yes, in most cases. We will need to check your files to make sure bleeds have been accounted for, and that there are no issues with the support files. On typical projects we do all the design work and all the pre-press work so we know the project files are compatible with the printing process, but, from time to time, a client will have project files that were created by other pre-press sources.

What exactly does “pre-press” mean?

Pre-press refers to all work that is done to digital files prior to the printing project being put into production and actually printed. Pre-press is a catch-all phrase that can include the design, typesetting, photograph retouching, conversion to CMYK, illustration, color correction, proofing and revision work.

Pre-press work for Design-First is an extension of the graphic design work already completed and approved by a client, but includes some final file preparation to make sure all image files used are converted to CMYK from RGB, that all image files are of the correct resolution for offset lithography printing, bleeds are correct and that all text is converted to outlines so there will be no font issues when the pre-press file is received and processed by the printer.

My web designer did some print graphics for us, but the text and overall quality of the work was horrible. Can you fix the image resolution problems?

Website designers tend to work with low resolutions, either 72 or 96 dpi, and with files that are optimized for fast downloading over the Internet.

Print designers work with graphic files that typically are 300 dpi. Very low resolution photograph files will result in very poor quality printing results.

Yes! We can help.

Can you help us to make corrections to our marketing materials before they are printed?

In most cases we can work from your files, provided you have adequate support files such as fonts. We use Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator.
If your files are “flattened” or were created with an application we do not have, making text changes may be challenging, but not impossible.

How do I find a great four-color printer when there are thousands of printers online?

Finding a great printer is like finding a great car mechanic. Obtaining recommendations from a trusted friend or colleague who has worked with a printer is best. We work with several trusted printers. We will see who has the best quality and prices, as well as on-time delivery, for your particular project.

Can you design and print an unusual marketing piece that is an odd size and has foil stamping?

Yes! Design-First can help with both the design and the printing. Design-First has an extensive background in printing so we are quite adept in designing work that is both creative and cost-effective to print.

Help! My question is not listed on this page.

Please, if you have a question about Design-First or you have an project question, call us at 678-969-0448 or use the Quick Quote form below.

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