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Website Content Migration

Whether you have an older website with static pages or a large website in an outdated or limited content management system, migrating your content to a new system can be a daunting task.

Why migrate your website to a new CMS?

  • Add new capabilities to your website
  • Avoid security issues with older CMS platforms
  • Create a “responsive” website for desktops, tablets and smartphone visitors
  • Optimize your website for increased SEO
  • Take advantage of content management and publishing options.

How does the migration process work?

  • Discovery We first learn more about your current website as well as your goals and objectives for your new website.
  • Document Goals and Requirements Next, we review your website and your initial input, then we contact you to go over all your concerns, questions and project needs.
  • Quote/Estimate or Proposal  If you just need a general price on the project work, we will provide a quote or estimate for the migration project.
  • Project Proposal When you are ready to begin the project, we will provide a comprehensive project proposal. Our proposals will contain a detailed project plan as well as all requirements and project assumptions.
  • Development Website We always create the new website either within your current hosting account in a nonpublic subdirectory, or on our server using a domain name variation. Either way, your live website is not affected.
  • Content Migration  Usually content migration involves copying and pasting content, moving images to the new CMS, reformatting text and recreating forms.
  • Client Reviews Throughout the project, our clients are involved in reviewing and approving all website pages before the new website goes live.
  • Training  We provide documentation and training with our clients in the use of the CMS administration if they are making updates or adding pages to the website.

Do you have questions or need more information?

Feel free to call us at 678-969-0448 or use our Request a Free Website Migration Quote form to email us.

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