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Redesigning Your Website With a CMS

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There are many reasons to redesign your website—from simply creating a new look and feel to better reflect your company’s branding, to reorganizing your website to better serve your website visitors, or to make your website easier for your staff to use—all of these reasons are valid reasons for redesigning your website.

Here are five smart reasons for redesigning your website and moving it to a robust content management system.

1) Make your website easy to update and manage

Companies today want to make their websites easier to update and to quickly change content as vital customer information changes. Having a CMS is cost-effective in the long run, as non-technical staff can easily make website content changes.

Interspire Website PublisherNew clients frequently have outdated websites because there are simply too many pages to keep updated easily, there is no content management system (CMS) in place, or working with a webmaster or internal IT department simply takes too much time and effort.

Once we have redesigned your website using a robust CMS, you can go to a special web page login, and make needed changes to pages needed at any time, with no knowledge of HTML or special file upload programs needed—just a connection to the web.

2) Make Google happy

Google is a part of our everyday lives, with almost 70% of website searches being made using Google. If you are not happy about the Google search results for your website, it could be your website structure or other website issues may be interfering with your quality search engine results.

Make Google HappyIf your website doesn’t follow the best practices for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), your website visibility will definitely suffer.

When we redesign a client’s website, we utilize website best practices for SEO, whether we are using Bigcommerce, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or another content management system.

Keep in mind that Google analyzes every page of your website it can find and looks critically at the content of your website. Simply having a few pages about your business or organization is not enough to get Google to push your website to the top of search results. Your website will need to have quality content that is actually useful to website visitors, and your content must be relevant to the keywords you wish to be found by.

3) Make your website visitors happy

A well-designed, intuitive and informative website that loads fast and is easy for visitors to use will be visited more than once. Poorly designed websites will fail to engage visitors if frustrating to use, and will result in a high bounce rate away from the website.

At Design-First, our website design philosophy is to create a balance between great design, intuitive usability and many pages of website content that give readers more insight into what a company or organization offers, and a reason to come back to your website again and again.

4) Take a step back

Website owners can become overly familiar and complacent with the content of their websites. Having fresh eyes to evaluate the website, both from the perspective of the website owner and the website visitor, can be invaluable to the redesign process. Few website visitors will take the time to complain or point out problems in a website to the owner, so website issues may go unresolved for years.

At Design-First we look at current website metrics before we redesign, and with Interspire Website Publisher, we can easily integrate Google Analytics and conversion code into all our websites so we can understand exactly how our websites are performing.

5) Be proactive with your website

We help our clients to be proactive with their websites. Instead of waiting months or years until a website is out of date, we stress to our clients the value of making continuous improvements to their websites, especially by adding quality, relevant content on a regular basis.

In addition to training our clients in how to make updates to their websites using the Interspire Website Publisher content management system, Design-First can help add new capabilities such as chat, email marketing forms and autoresponders, as well as helping to create custom applications so clients fully utilize their website within their overall marketing strategy.

What CMS is best to use?

There are dozens of content management systems available today, ranging from open-source to robust commercial applications and many solutions in between. All website needs are different, so first we need to know more about your website needs in order to recommend the best solution for you.

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