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I have a website that is a few years old, but the search engines can’t seem to find it. How will a CMS help?

Your website may have coding that is preventing search engines from finding your website pages, or your website may have too few pages to stand out above your competition. Moving to a content management system (CMS) can definitely help. Google looks for high quality content, and having a CMS will allow you to easily add content to your website to reinforce targeted keywords and help with natural organic SEO.

Will redesigning my website using a content management system such as Joomla or WordPress cause my search engine rankings to drop?

No. We take great care to make sure that, when the new website goes live, all of the existing website pages use 301 redirects to point to the new equivalent pages. Our experience has been that building your website using an SEO-friendly CMS platform will greatly improve your search engine rankings.

Can I use a CMS to make website text changes myself?

Absolutely. A content management system can make it easy and convenient to add content or make changes to your website any time you would like. Since you simply log into the website administration area via the Internet, you or your staff can make changes or add new pages from the office, home or anywhere you have Internet access. Also, you do not need to know anything about HTML to make the changes.

Is it possible to build a new website without affecting my current website?

Yes. At Design-First we believe that creating your new website should be an unobtrusive process. Usually we will create the new website in a non-public website location and, when you’re ready, simply point your domain from the old website to the new website to make the new website live.

We want a dynamic, new website, but we have a lot of content from the old website we need to continue using. Can we simply copy over the old content into the new CMS?

Yes. Most website projects will utilize both old text and new text or pages. Migrating the text is a straight-forward process. Use our Request A Website Migration Quote Form to get pricing information.

If we use WordPress or another application as our CMS, do we own the software?

Commercial software has licensing restrictions, and in most cases you are purchasing the right to use the software on a server. Open source software such as WordPress and Joola, which may be free, also has restrictions in some cases, but generally allows you use the software to run your website, as long as you do not violate any restrictions of the software license.

We are not happy with the company that is currently doing our website updates. Can we host the new website somewhere else?

Absolutely. We can build the new website and host it on our server or with another hosting company. then simply repoint your domain over to the new website when we’re ready to go live.

I understand most CMS websites use a database. Who is responsible for backing up the website?

For websites we host, we included weekly or monthly offsite backups in addition to automatic server backups. We also encourage our clients to make periodic database backups if possible, as extra insurance in case anything happens to the website server.

Is a CMS website more expensive than a simple template website with static pages?

No. A content management system will actually save you money. Development will be much faster and more efficient, and updating costs will be negligible.

How difficult is it to create contact or survey forms with a CMS?

It is easy to create forms and drop them into website pages. All website forms will email the form data to you, as well as capture it into the CMS where it can be viewed, edited or exported through the Administration area.

Do you have questions or need more information?

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