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An Online Operator

What is an online operator?

You can convert website visitors into customers by using an Online Operator system.

An Online Operator or chat system will allow you and your staff to quickly answer questions using “chat” software which is cost-efficient and doesn’t tie up customer service resources the way telephone calls do.

The entire chat text is recorded and is saved in the system for follow up by your sales staff and the prospective customer receives an email transcript.

Advantages of an Online Operator System:

  • Converts website visitors into customers
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Utilizes existing staff
  • Application can be integrated within existing website
  • Complex responses or website links can be stored and given to visitors easily
  • Session capture for later followup by sales department

This system can also be used as an internal chat system between employees, and by using stored responses, you can make sure consistent information is given to prospective customers.

Tips for a Successful Online Operator System:

  • Train your operators. Before launching the system, be sure to practice internally with staff and make sure all operators are familiar a wide range of questions and answers and they are prepared for dealing with questions outside their expertise.
  • Use “canned” responses sparingly. Online operator or chat systems can make use of stored or “canned” responses to allow a small number of operators to handle a number of website visitors at one time. However, relying too much on canned responses may make some website visitors feel that the company representative is not fully engaged in the session.
  • Develop internal policies for leads. Website visitors can turn into customers, but only if you have a system for passing leads on to your sales department. Be sure online operators forward chat session on to sales for follow up.
  • Check up on your operators. It’s a good idea to periodically review chat sessions captured in your online operator system to make sure your operators are answering questions appropriately.
  • Use Operator to Operator chatting. Consider having several operators or backup operators so that your primary operators have someone to fall back on with questions outside their knowledge area.

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