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How To Migrate Interspire Website Publisher To Another CMS

Interspire stopped supporting Website Publisher in 2012.

If your website is still working the website content can be migrated into a WordPress or Joomla CMS installation.

Selecting a CMS

Our process begins with a new installation of WordPress or Joomla on a development server. Depending on the size of your website and other features required for the website, either Joomla or WordPress will be a good choice.

Website design template selection

Next, we will integrate a design template based on a design meeting and then we will customize the template with your logo, color scheme and other branding elements as needed.

Website Data migration

At this time, there are no WordPress or Joomla Plugins that will import your Interspire Website Publisher data.

Content Migration

First, empty “shell” pages are created, then a navigation menu to match your Interspire website. Once the navigation menu is created, content from the old website is moved into the new CMS.

Photograph Migration

Photographs will need to be placed in the new CMS and photo Request a Website Migration Quotegalleries and other website features will need to be recreated as well.

Request a free website migration quote now

We can give you an exact price quote for migrating your Interspire website to a new CMS.

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