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Why Is WordPress So Popular – Part 2

Is WordPress Secure?

Over the years, I have worked with dozens of content management systems, and I have found that all websites are vulnerable in some way.

All website platforms have periodic security updates that must be kept up to date, just as personal computers have to be kept up to date. WordPress can be made very secure by being pro-active.

The best way to secure a website is to prevent hackers from getting access to the website in the first place.

WordPress has a number of plugins available that can be set up to detect malware or website hacking. I also utilize country blocking so I can block access to the website by countries who generate a lot of hacking activity.

What are some tips for improving a WordPress website?

I like to take advantage of plugins. Plugins are small applications that can be added to a website to give it more capabilities and features.

I use a plugin for reviewing my Google Analytics right in the Admin area. I can easily see how many visitors I get on one day, a week or a month and I can see the most popular pages viewed and other valuable data from visitors.

Another plugin I use is a broken link detector. If a website that a client’s website is linked to breaks, I can get notified by email so I can remove the link or change the link. Google will penalize your website for having broken links, so getting notified automatically by email is great.

I use another plugin to gather website visitor’s email addresses to feed my Constant Contact email marketing account. This makes it easy to build a subscriber list.

Is WordPress the best content management system for every business?

For most businesses it is a great solution. Clients can start with a basic website and add more pages or capabilities over time as needed.

I think of it as the “swiss army knife” of website platforms. In addition to basic content management, WordPress allows businesses to integrate email marketing, blogging, analytics and more into one platform.

In some cases a business may need a more dedicated content management system. For example, if a business is running a large online store, it can make more sense to go with a dedicated ecommerce platform rather than trying to add that capability to WordPress.

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