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Improving A Website’s Performance

Why is it important to improve a website’s performance?

The short answer is Google. If a website is under-performing, then the website’s Google search result will suffer, meaning less traffic for the website.

The longer answer is that every business really needs the best performing website possible, so that website visitors can easily find the information they need and then call or email the business.

The analogy I use is that a slow website or a poorly designed website is like trying to drive a car where only two or three engine cylinders are working.

How can a company improve their website’s performance?

Companies invest thousands of dollars to create or redesign their website every few years, then put the website on auto-pilot.

A common problem I see where a company will focus on the look of the website, but never analyze the performance after the website is live.

Another problem is that many companies don’t clearly define specific goals for the website in terms of expected conversions or increasing website traffic.

Should businesses be monitoring their websites on a regular basis?

Absolutely. Every business should be measuring their website’s performance on a monthly or quarterly basis.

A lot of businesses only look at their website performance every few years, just before they redesign the website.

A newly redesigned website will usually work better than the old website, but search engines can change their search criteria at any time, and a website can lose it’s ranking overnight without the company knowing it.

I recommend analyzing the website on an ongoing basis, and doing a yearly review to see how the website may need to be changed to reflect changes in a company’s marketing message or offerings.

What are some website performance tips for our listeners?

Every website has to be responsive. Every website needs to be able to flow content so the website works equally well on a desktop computer, a tablet device or a smartphone.

In addition to being responsive, the website needs to load quickly. If visitors have to wait more than a few seconds for a page to load, they will go to a competitor.

Lastly, back to my car analogy, make sure your website is firing on all cylinders.

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