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The Importance of Website Performance

What is website performance and why is it important to a business?

Many website owners think website performance is how fast the website loads on a visitor’s computer or mobile device. While having a fast loading website is important, this is not the only performance consideration.

For most businesses, website performance is simply how well a website is working to help achieve the company’s digital marketing strategy.

Some businesses define website performance as how well the website works with search engines or how well a website converts visitors to customers.

How can website performance be measured?

I use Google Webmaster Tools, which gives me a lot of insight into a website’s performance. For example, I can test the website for download time on desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices.

I can also see what keywords Google is associating with each page of the website, which is important for measuring search engine optimization.

I also use Google Analytics, which is a great tool for measuring what website visitors are actually doing on the website.

For example, with Google Analytics, I can see how many website visitors bounce or leave the website without looking at any other website pages. I can also see the most read pages and I can track conversions—where visitors respond to a specific call to action.

I can also use Google Analytics to measure how much time is spent on the website and see how many visitors are return visitors.

Does a website’s speed affect its Google rankings?

Google “scores” every website using many different factors, and website speed and overall performance will affect where a website ranks with Google.

Websites that are poorly designed and difficult for visitors to navigate will also result in lower search results which means less visitors to the website.

A slow loading or non-responsive will be ranked lower in search results which also means fewer visitors.

What advice do you have for businesses who may have under-performing websites?

Potential customers who go to a poorly performing website will probably never call or email the business—they will just click away to a competitor.

Businesses have to be pro-active. They have to measure their website’s performance against their website marketing goals on an ongoing basis.

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