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How To Get Email Campaigns To Be Read

How do you get readers to actually open an email?

If you provide your readers with something they look forward to receiving, they will want to open every email you send them.

Staples knows I like a bargain, so they send me sales emails on office products on a regular basis. They also send me emails with my Rewards Points for being a loyal customer.

Even if I don’t have a need at the time, I still skim the email to see if there’s something at a great price.

How important is the email subject line?

The subject line is very important. Some email applications will scan the subject line for common spam words or phrases and will automatically move suspect emails to the spam or junk folder.

There are literally hundreds of words that should be avoided and if you Google “Spam trigger words” you will find a lot of information on what to avoid using.

The email subject line should be a clever teaser to get the reader to open the email or to make it stand out from the dozens of other emails in the reader’s email box.

Using a question in the subject line can be a great way to avoid the typical subject line.

How do you create a compelling call to action?

Call to actions can be anything from “click here now for more information” to “call us now to speak with a representative” or “download our free ebook now.”

Creating a sense of urgency can be helpful which is why some email campaigns will have a limited time offer.

What are some tips for a successful email campaign?

Plan out your email campaigns several months in advance and tie in your campaigns with company events or announcements of new products or offerings.

When writing content, think about the person who will be receiving the email. If you have a customer list and a prospective customer list, you should consider sending two different emails with different calls to action.

Put the primary calls to action near the top of the of the email since some subscribers might not scroll down past the first headline.

Last, but not least, make sure the company’s phone number is visible.

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