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How Much Should A Website Cost?

This is a lot like asking, “how much should a custom built house cost?”

The biggest cost for most projects is the amount of time needed for all the requirements.

In other words, a small business website may need 40 or 50 hours to complete, but a larger project may need 100 or more hours to complete all the work.

Every project is different in terms of the number of pages and photographs, and the overall complexity.

Other cost factors would be search engine optimization, setting up an email marketing system and content editing.

How can a business get the best cost estimate?

Before talking to a website designer, businesses should put down on paper everything they want and need. The requirements should be grouped into three categories:

High Priority – These are absolute necessities.

Medium Priority – These are features that would be nice to include, but could be added in a second phase.

Low Priority – These are features that aren’t needed right away, but need to be added in a third phase of the project.

This approach allows the website to be created at a lower cost and speeds up the development process since the project has different phases.

What are some tips for businesses when choosing a website designer?

Be sure to check the designer’s references and confirm that they deliver their work on time and within the project budget.

Be sure to look at the website designer’s portfolio to make sure they are capable of creating the type of website you have envisioned.

If you getting several project quotes, be sure to give each designer the same website requirements in writing. Giving verbal information to several potential designers will lead to mis-communication and quotes that are apples to oranges.

Set a realistic budget for your project. Trying to create a complex website when you have a shoestring budget will lead to disappointing results.

Lastly, make sure the website designer has a detailed project plan before they start the project, and that weekly status update meetings are included in the project proposal so you know all the project tasks and milestones and when to expect project completion.

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