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Creating Great Email Content

How do you decide what is the best content for an email marketing campaign?

Sending out generic emails without a strategy is just not effective.

When creating an email campaign for my clients, I always ask :

  • What is the purpose of the campaign?
  • Is the email campaign is meant to provide general information, news or communicate an offer?
  • Are there periodic promotions or charity events that the business is sponsoring?

If my client is using social media, we can combine social media with email campaigns so there is more customer engagement.

How do you create a “hook” that gets the reader’s attention?

I think of the email recipient as someone who subscribed to the email list for a reason and the “hook” is giving them what they want or need.

Depending on the audience, the hook may be an irresistible offer. For others the hook may be a contest or news about the company.

For other email subscribers it may be links to compelling articles.

Who should create the email content?

Email content needs to be written by someone who is both creative and understands the company’s brand and overall marketing goals.

All emails that are sent out must be fresh and inviting to the reader. Emails must also convey the company’s marketing message and they should have clear calls to action.

How much content should be in the email?

Most readers have to deal with dozens of emails every day, so they may only spend a few seconds deciding whether to actually readd through the email.

I recommend having three to five bold headlines, along with one paragraph of about 40-50 words with each headline.

Text can be more of a teaser, with a link back to the website for the full article to create more reader engagement.

Should emails have graphics or just have plain text?

There are pros and cons for each. Blocks of plain text tends not to be read, unless it is critical information.

On the other hand, readers will respond to colorful, eye-catching graphics.

Having a good balance of both graphics and text will make a company’s marketing message easily communicated, and if the reader has time, they can read the text to get more information or respond to a call to action.

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