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How to fight spam with Captcha

We are all familiar with the typical email spam that floods into our email boxes each day, which is typically sent using spam applications to multiple email box names and millions of domains. What is even more annoying are emails that are sent using your own website’s […]

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Tips for improving your website content

In addition to creating an informative website about your company, products and/or services, think about how your website can become a “go-to” resource for potential customers, and how you can provide your customers with information that they can use in their business. Make your website one that […]

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Making great first impressions with prospects

When a prospective customer visits your website, receives a business card or brochure, or responds to an email newsletter or direct mail offer, what impression are you making on the prospect? It only takes a second or two for a prospect to make a decision about your […]

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All businesses are in the publishing business

I was listening today to a podcast and John Batelle, CEO of Federated Media was quoted as saying, “Every small business is in the publishing business today.” If you think about it, this is so true. Before websites became mainstream (prior to 1995), most small businesses marketed […]

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Using Google Analytics to monitor your website and improve conversions

Google offers a free tool that every website owner should be using—Google Analytics. Google Analytics is far more than mere website statistics. Google Analytics gives you detailed insight into exactly how your website is being used by visitors, and helps you to better understand the dynamics of […]

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HTML 5 gains momentum

Most of us had not heard of HTML5 until we learned that all the Apple devices would not support Flash, or heard in the news  a few years ago about Steve Jobs’ comments as to why HTML5 was better. I must admit, that at first I thought it […]

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