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Why Is WordPress So Popular – Part 1

WordPress began a simple blogging platform back in 2003. One of the reasons for its initial popularity is that it is very easy to use–writers and non-technical people could set up a simple website and blog about different topics. It has evolved into a powerful content management system […]

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Why is a Yearly Marketing Review So Important?

Why is a year-end marketing review important to every company? By mid-December, most companies know where they are in terms of reaching or exceeding their marketing goals for the year so they can make changes for the upcoming year. While the company’s sales for the year are […]

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Why is Pre-Press so Important?

Before a company prints a marketing piece, what should be considered? Start by making sure the marketing goals and objectives for the piece are communicated with the graphic designer before any design work is done. During the initial discussion about the piece, an experienced graphic designer will […]

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How can I improve website conversion for my website?

A website conversion is where a website visitor responds to a call to action in your website and does something you want. They “convert” from a visitor to become a lead. For example, if a website visitor fills out form on your website to request more information, […]

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How can I tell if my business is working properly?

I use the free Google Analytics tool. It lets you see how your website is being used by visitors and helps you to see flaws in your website. What is Google Analytics? Once an account is set up for a website, Google Analytics is able to track […]

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How can a business open an online store?

There are many options today for setting up an ecommerce presence on the internet, and there are literally hundreds of ecommerce platforms to choose from. If a business is already selling products through a retail location, that’s a great start. The business can leverage their existing customers […]

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Why is having a great-looking business card important?

When meeting new customers face to face, having a great business card is very important. While you can make a positive impression, a well-designed business card provides a visual reminder to a prospect. Is a business card part of a company’s branding? Absolutely. A business card should […]

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Why are keywords important when writing website content?

Each website page will have a few important keywords that will be picked up by search engines. While it is important to provide clear, concise information on every website page, website content writers often overlook keywords, which can mean potential website visitors may not find certain website […]

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How can you save money when printing marketing materials?

To listen to the 5 minute podcast of this blog post and other marketing podcasts,  please go our Marketing Podcasts page. There are many different printing options available today, which makes finding the best method of printing a bit confusing to many business. Digital, which is high […]

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What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

To listen to the 5 minute podcast of this blog post and other marketing podcasts,  please go our Marketing Podcasts page. . . . and why is it so important to your website? Search engine optimization, also called SEO, is simply doing everything possible to make your website […]

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