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The Importance of Website Performance

What is website performance and why is it important to a business? Many website owners think website performance is how fast the website loads on a visitor’s computer or mobile device. While having a fast loading website is important, this is not the only performance consideration. For most businesses, website performance is simply how well […]

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Getting Started in Website Design and Digital Marketing

How did you get started in website design and digital marketing? In the early 1990s, before there were websites, I used computer bulletin boards to get software patches and tech support with other computer users. In 1995 I taught myself HTML and built my first website. Over the next few years I worked for two […]

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How To Become Expert In Graphic Design And Printing

How did you become such an expert in both graphic design and printing? After high school I accepted a job at a printing company in Columbus, Georgia and I fell in love with printing. I apprenticed there for six years and I became a graphic artist. Since it was a small company I helped out […]

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How To Get Email Campaigns To Be Read

How do you get readers to actually open an email? If you provide your readers with something they look forward to receiving, they will want to open every email you send them. Staples knows I like a bargain, so they send me sales emails on office products on a regular basis. They also send me […]

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Creating Great Email Content

How do you decide what is the best content for an email marketing campaign? Sending out generic emails without a strategy is just not effective. When creating an email campaign for my clients, I always ask : What is the purpose of the campaign? Is the email campaign is meant to provide general information, news […]

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What Software Is Needed For Email Marketing?

Email marketing software makes it easy to manage your lists and makes it easy to set up and send out your campaigns. Constant Contact and Mail Chimp are both great for small businesses. These are both easy to use and very inexpensive for small lists. Using email marketing software makes it easy for people visiting […]

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Why Should A Business Use Email Marketing?

It is a great way to build brand awareness. Email marketing allows a company to reach potential customers who may not be familiar with the products or services the company has to offer. Another reason to use it is that companies can easily communicate with existing customers to let them know about new products or services. […]

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Improving A Website’s Performance

Why is it important to improve a website’s performance? The short answer is Google. If a website is under-performing, then the website’s Google search result will suffer, meaning less traffic for the website. The longer answer is that every business really needs the best performing website possible, so that website visitors can easily find the […]

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How Much Should A Website Cost?

This is a lot like asking, “how much should a custom built house cost?” The biggest cost for most projects is the amount of time needed for all the requirements. In other words, a small business website may need 40 or 50 hours to complete, but a larger project may need 100 or more hours to […]

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Why Is WordPress So Popular – Part 2

Is WordPress Secure? Over the years, I have worked with dozens of content management systems, and I have found that all websites are vulnerable in some way. All website platforms have periodic security updates that must be kept up to date, just as personal computers have to be kept up to date. WordPress can be made […]

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