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How to Install Interspire Email Marketer

Interspire's Email Marketer application is a versatile tool for creating email campaigns and autoresponders. Installation requires a database to be set up and for the web application files to be uploaded to the server. Email Marketer can be installed on most web servers.

This article assumes you have already set up a hosting account using a hosting service and that you have FTP access and an FTP program for uploading files and setting permissions on the server. If you don't know what FTP is, or you have never installed software on a web server, you may want to have us install the software for you.

If you do not have hosting, Design-First offers Premium Hosting, which includes FREE installation of up to three Interspire applications, off-site backups and more.

Step 1: Confirm your hosting supports Interspire Email Marketer

While all web servers work in a similar fashion, not all web servers are configured the same and not all will support PHP and mySQL in the same way

    Interspire Email Marketer Server Requirements:

    • Operating System: Linux or Windows
    • Web Server: Apache or IIS
    • Scripting Language: PHP 5.1.3 or above
    • Database: MySQL 4.1.1 or above
    • Other: To use autoresponders, your need access to Cron on your web server (default) or Scheduled Tasks (Windows). To process bounced emails, your version of PHP needs access to the imap_xxx functions (default).

Confirm that your server or hosting company supports all of the above application requirements. Just contact your hosting company and let them know what you are about to install and their support team can confirm that the above requirements will be supported.

Need Help with Installing Software?Step 2: Generate a license key

If you have purchased Email Marketer from Interspire, you will need to log into their website after purchasing to download the software and to generate a site license key for the domain you are using.

You will need the site license code during the installation process, so it is a good idea to have it handy. If you purchased Interspire Website Publisher from Design, First, you will be emailed both the application and the site license key.

Step 3: Download and unzip your application archive

After you purchase Interspire Website Publisher, you will receive a .zip archive file containing the application files and directories.

Download the .zip file to your computer. After you unzip the file, you will see a directory called docs.

This directory has detailed instructions for first time installations.

Step 4: Create your database

You will need to create a mySQL database that will be used to hold all the data for your Email Marketer installation. If your hosting company has cPanel, you can easily login using cpanel, then use one of the database creation tools in cPanel to create your database.

Be sure to keep a record of the database name, the database user and the password for the database.

Step 5: Upload your files

Use your favorite FTP program to upload all the application files and directories onto your server in the main directory where your website will reside. On cPanel hosted websites, this will be public_html.

Note: If you already have a website installed in the same hosting account, you may want to install Email Marketer in a sub-directory initially so you won't mix all the files and directories together. You can create a sub-directory called "emailmarketer", "em" or anything you like.

Step 6: Run the installation wizard

After installing your application, use your web browser to go to where you have installed Interspire Website Publisher. Example: http://www.yourdomain.comĀ  or (if you have installed your website in a sub-directory).

An Insterspire form page will appear for you to complete.

Fill out the form and be sure to record your admin login password and keep a copy of this information for future use.

When finished, you will be directed to the admin login page, where you can use your new password to begin work on your website.

Errors when running the installation wizard

If you encounter errors, just follow the prompts provided by the wizard to fix file permissions for both files and for directories.

Be careful when typing in database passwords and other information as many of the form fields are case sensitive and must match in order to work.

Do you need assistance with Interspire installation?

Design-First offers an installation service of Interspire Email Marketer on your server for $49.00.

We also offer FREE installation of up to three Interspire applications within our Premium Hosting account.

Please use the Contact Form below to let us know how we can help you or call us at 678-969-0448.

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