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What are strategic partnerships?

Being a strategic partner with Design-First is a great way to create a win-win relationship. Ideally both companies should share the same target market and offer services that will benefit both company’s clients, and provide some reciprocity.

Strategic partnerships are not about just exchanging client leads, but about two companies knowing well what the other offers, and working together to provide each other’s clients with additional services, capabilities and expertise.

Design-First has several strategic partners, and has had great success with this approach.

What are the benefits of a strategic partnership?

  • Strategic ParnershipProvides access to expert resources – While we all strive to offer our clients a wide range of products and services, there are times when you need to be able to bring in a reliable, professional resource for projects outside your area of expertise. This approach will allow you to keep your clients happy and stay involved in client projects which might otherwise go to another company—or a competitor.
  • Easy project collaboration – If you have been turning away projects because they were too large or outside your comfort zone or area of expertise, a strategic partner can make your business perform like a larger company by  your having access to the expertise and resources Design-First offers.
  • Generates additional revenue – Additional revenue for both partners results from each partner recommending the other to their clients. This approach is like having additional marketing services without the associated costs. Additional revenue can also go to each partner by each providing a commission on products or services resulting from the partnership.
  • Saves marketing dollars – Because both partners will receive new business without having to spend additional marketing dollars, strategic partnering can help generate more new business efficiently.

How does a strategic partnership work?

For example, IT and tech support service companies may have clients wanting help with advanced website development. Or a graphic design studio may not have the expertise to take on a customized CMS website project.

By partnering with Design-First, the client can receive both website development expertise and knowledge. Your clients will be happy because they do not have to go to an unknown resource for the services they need.

Steps toward a strategic partnership

  • Step 1: Get to know us – First, look through our website and learn more about the services Design-First offers.
  • Step 2: Let us get to know you – Tell us about your company and offerings, and how your products or services will benefit our clients.
  • Step 3: See if we are a good fit for each other – Design-First will review the information you send us, and then set up a time to talk on the phone to see if it makes sense to partner. We’ll talk about the expectations each company would have for the other and how a typical client project would be handled.

Feel free to contact us using the Strategic Partner Request Form below to introduce yourself and your company, or call us at 678-969-0448.

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