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What Is A Creative Brief?

Without a creative brief, many projects will start off in the wrong direction or with different parts of the project being worked on by many different people without focus or common goals, and with poor marketing results.

Creative briefs are used in marketing and advertising to give everyone involved on a creative project a clear and concise framework to work within.

Creative brief tips:

A creative brief should include the following:

  • Background – A summary of what you want the program or project to achieve and how will the success be measured.
  • Primary Audience – What should be avoided when talking to your audience? What is it that the audience already believes or knows before you start talking to them? Who is the secondary audience?
  • Objectives – A summary of the objectives of the program and the priorities of those objectives. Is there a suggested strategy or positioning for achieving the objective?
  • Message – Describe in once sentence the message for your program. What other major points do you need to communicate?
  • The Medium – What is the best way to reach your audience? Are there other ways to reach the audience? Are there pre-existing pieces that the new program or project must work with? How will the piece be delivered to the audience?
  • Anything Else – Are there any other objectives, circumstances or mandatories to be aware of?
  • Deadline – When must the message be delivered in order to maximize the effect of the message? When must the finished work be delivered by?
  • Budget – What is the budget or budget range to spend on the project? Is the budget approved and if so, by whom? For printed projects, what quantities must be produced?
  • Responsible Parties – Who will be signing off prior to final execution?

No creative brief—no problem

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